A girl and her mixer

Pardine Pastries creates custom desserts for particular palates.  Just a girl and her mixer, striving to bake uniquely delicious creations to suit any needs. Creating your dream treat is the ultimate goal, whether it is an unusual taste preference or a hard-to-please dietary restriction. Though cakes and cupcakes are the specialty, challenges in any sweet medium are welcomed!

OK, but what's a pardine?

According to the Oxford English dictionary, it is a mid-19th century word meaning, "relating to, resembling, or characteristic of a leopard." 

According to me (Kat), I like cats and alliteration. Especially since this way I can be the Pardine Pastry Princess.

This is Bustopher Jones, my personal pardine and unofficial pastry mascot. At least, as long as he's not walking across my keyboard while I edit this website.

My name is Katarina Spungen, and I am the owner and head baker at Pardine Pastries. I grew up helping my mother in the kitchen, but it wasn't until college that I developed a passion for baking. After graduating, I faced the familiar dilemma of "What next?" I had a degree that I no longer wished to professionally pursue, and no idea how to figure out what I really wanted. In the midst of searching, I kept turning to baking for stress relief and joy. Eventually, I caught on to what my subconscious was hinting, and decided to make a career out of sugar, butter, and flour.

Services and Experience

  • Traditional desserts (cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies, breakfast pastries, etc.)

  • Unusual flavors

  • Dietary substitutions (allergen removal, gluten free, vegan, organic, etc.)

  • Decorations (buttercream, gumpaste, fondant)

Pardine Pastries

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